Le Restaurant Alep, 199 rue Jean-Talon Est Montreal, 514-270-6396

.Restaurant Alep

The Flavours of a Fertile Marriage

For almost forty years, Alep is essential to those who want to experience moments of friendliness peculiar to the Middle East, in perfect sync with Montreal's unique way of life. Alep's cuisine and heritage are an invitation to sharing in abundance, and to the art of fine dining and rapturous pleasures.

Our warm and considerate atmosphere is perfectly suited for parties amongst friends, colleagues or a romantic dinner for two. Your guests and yourself can fulfil your curiosity in a world filled with the perfumes of grilled meat, the heat of spices, and the freshness of fine herbs.

Here, flavours and textures go side-by-side in a unique cuisine that stems from a fertile marriage between Armenia and Syria.

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